Jacob de Grom: What Happens When You Combine An Elite Team With The Best Field Formation

Jacob de Grom: What happens when you combine an elite team with the best field formation? The Rangers will find out soon.

Deadly Duo: Rangers pair Jacob de Grom with an elite Fieldmaker.

Texas bombed the baseball world just before the Winter Meetings Friday night by agreeing to a five-year, $185 million, guaranteed contract with Jacob de Grom.

According to Jeff Passan, the 2028 sixth-year contingent option could result in a contract that includes a full no-trade clause worth $222 million.

A longtime Met player, DeGrom is one of the best pitchers on the planet when healthy.

Two-time champion Cy Young is known for his triple-digit runs and high strikeout rate, but the right-hander also has impeccable control.

The 34-year-old has a career walk rate of 5.2%, which has declined to 3.35% since the start of 2021. Although injuries have limited him to 26 starts and 156.1 innings over the past two seasons.

In De Grome’s last overall campaign in 2019 – the 2020 season was short for everyone – he hit 5.5% of his batting average, winning his second Cy Young Award.

He recorded the same number when he won his first Cy Young title in 2018.

It’s clear that DeGrom doesn’t need any help when it comes to finding his stuff. Still, Texas has a catcher who could give them an extra edge going into four All-Star Games.

Jonah Heim may not be the most famous defenseman in Major League Baseball, but he was the second-best frame framer in the 2022 game.


Baseball scientists strike 51.6%. However, Heim caught 199 more balls than Trevino.

But in non-analytic terms, de Grom is an elite artist and Haim is the most perfect canvas we could dream of.

But thanks to deGrom’s former New York Battery mates, the Mets had two strong players on their roster:

Thomas Nido and James McCann. Nido, who pitched in 96 games for the Mets last year, recorded a strike rate of 50.3 percent with five catchers.

McCann, meanwhile, appeared in 60 games and recorded two catcher-framing runs and a 48.1% strike rate. Nido finished 44.2 innings behind deGrom’s at-bats last season and had a 3.22 ERA from a pitcher.

deGrom had a 2.75 ERA with McCann, but only 19.2 innings pitched. Having a better framer doesn’t guarantee that deGrome’s already staggering performance or performance will improve in 2023.

Rather, a pitcher’s health will be the most important factor not only next season but throughout his time at Texas.

Meanwhile, Heim’s status as the Rangers’ primary catcher remains undetermined as he can continue his offensive upgrades this offseason. But MLB teams value experienced field builders, and Texas has that.

At least these two will make it difficult for umpires and give hitters a headache trying to get a feel for the strike zone.

So keep an eye on how many favorable calls Texas gets whenever deGrom and Heim are paired up.

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