IS Commander Ahangar Missing From Kabul Jail

IS Commander Ahangar missing from Kabul Jail, security agencies alert, ISJK is the mastermind in Kashmir: Kashmir.

Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar alias Usama Kashmiri, a well-known commander of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), has disappeared from the Kabul prison after the Taliban’s capture in Afghanistan.

This has alerted all the intelligence and security agencies of India. It is feared that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI Ghulam may give shelter to Ahangar in Kashmir.

IS Commander Ahangar can be used to spread violence against India and to rekindle terrorism that is dying in Jammu and Kashmir.

Security agencies are scrutinizing all the contact sources in Jammu and Kashmir of Ahangar, a resident of Nawakadal in downtown Srinagar, which has been a stronghold of separatists and terrorists.

The reason is that Ahangar has worked on the behest of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI while living in ISKP (Islamic State of Khorasan Province) and before that Al-Qaeda.

Ahangar is considered the architect of the ISJK (Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir) in Kashmir. One of his sons and son-in-law have also been killed in a US military drone strike in Afghanistan.

Ahangar was also involved in the plot of last year’s terror attack on a 400-year-old gurdwara located in Shor Bazar, Kabul.

After this attack, the security agencies of Afghanistan caught him in early April 2020 along with the then Chief Commander of ISKP Aslam Farooqui.

It is said that many ISKP terrorists, including Ahangar and Farooqui, surrendered along with their families to save their lives when they were surrounded by the Afghan army.

Since then Ahangar was kept in Kabul Jail.

Ahangar can be used for terrorist violence in India: Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI will use Ahangar for agreement between Taliban and ISKP in Afghanistan in the coming times, besides curbing the activities of ISKP in their country.

Apart from this, it can also use it to fuel dying terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, to increase its influence on the network of ISJK operating in Jammu and Kashmir, and to increase its activities.

According to an official of the Central Intelligence Agency, who has worked in Afghanistan, the reason for the split in the ISKP in 2017 was the closeness of Ahangar and Aslam Farooqui with the Pakistani intelligence agency.

The ISI also helped protect Ahangar and Farooqui’s group from US drone strikes. This is the reason that when he was caught last year, Pakistan put full pressure on the Afghan government to hand over both of them.

Therefore, there is every possibility that if Ahangar is not killed by the Taliban, he will be under the protection of the ISI in some ISKP hideout or in the ISI’s safe house itself.

Therefore his disappearance can be said to be a matter of concern.

Ahangar’s network is from Kerala to Kashmir: According to security agencies, Ahangar is behind the influx and network of Islamic State terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sitting in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Ghulam used to recruit new boys for IS in Kashmir through his contacts based in Kashmir.

Apart from Al-Qaeda and Jaish-e-Mohammed, he is also well versed with the old terrorist commanders of Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen and Harkat-ul-Ansar.

Last month, the National Investigation Agency exposed the ISIS network spread in Karnataka, Kerala, and Kashmir, its Kerala cadre was also prepared through Ahangar.

The suicide terrorist involved in the attack on the Gurudwara in Kabul was also from Kerala, which was prepared by Ahangar.

Ahangar is one of the oldest terrorists of Jammu and Kashmir: Ahangar has been counted among the oldest terrorists of Jammu and Kashmir.

He went to Pakistan to become a terrorist in the year 1990. For some time he lived in Pakistan and then went to Afghanistan.

He has done three marriages. His two sons are part of ISIS. His son Abu Umais was killed in a US drone strike in the Nangarhar area on 20 July 2017.

Ijaz Ahangar’s younger son, Muhammad ibn Ijaz, is currently in Afghanistan.

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