Five People Died Due To Firing In The Tel Aviv Area Of Israel

Five people died due to firing in Israel, the third incident last week, PM gave orders to deal strictly.

Five people have been killed in a shooting incident in the Tel Aviv area of ​​Israel late in the evening.

This is the third incident of firing in the area during the last seven days. So far the death toll in these incidents of firing has reached 11.

Police were ordered to be on high alert.

After the incident in Tel Aviv, the country’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has spoken of dealing with such incidents strictly.

He has asked the police to declare a high alert in the area. Bennett said in a statement that Israel is currently facing deadly Arab terrorism.

Security forces are continuously doing their job, we will fight terrorism with determination and bravery.

PM calls meeting on terrorist attacks.

The Prime Minister’s Foreign Media Advisor said in a statement that Israeli Prime Minister Bennett held a meeting on Tuesday evening regarding the incidents of terrorist attacks in Bani Brak and Ramat Gan.

He said that information has been given about the action being taken by the security forces regarding the incident.

Bennett has also convened a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs on Wednesday afternoon.

Bennett appeals to people to be patient.

In a recorded message released by the Prime Minister’s Office, Bennett said that these are difficult times for Israel, but we will overcome this with determination.

Bennett said Israel faces a wave of terrorism after a few years of calm.

After being quiet for some time, those who want to destroy us make violent explosions. But we will face this situation with courage and win.

News of the death of a policeman.

Giving details of the incident, a police spokesman said the shootings took place in two different areas in Bani Brak, near Tel Aviv.

One of the victims is said to be a police officer who was trying to stop the attacker, while the rest were civilians.

Video of the incident surfaced.

In video footage obtained from the scene, it can be seen that the assailant enters a store armed with weapons. He fires at a young man, who is seen running into a nearby building.

The shooter then aimed his rifle at another person on the bike.

According to police, the attacker’s name is Hamarsheha, a 26-year-old Palestinian from Yabad near Jenin in the West Bank, who was living illegally in Israel.

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