Driver Who Said Balabhaskar’s Death Was Accidental

Driver who said Balabhaskar’s death was accidental gets a job in UAE through consulate’. CAG, a KSRTC driver who testified that he died in an accident, got a job under the UAE government through the UAE Consulate.

Thiruvananthapuram: The KSRTC driver who gave the statement that violinist Balabhaskar’s death was accidental was revealed today by the UAE Consulate as a driver under the UAE government.

CAG, who was a KSRTC driver, got the job under the UAE Government through the UAE Consulate. Arun Kumar, a journalist working for justice in the case, also demanded an inquiry into Aji’s appointment as a driver in the UAE government through the UAE Consulate.

“The bus was also behind Balabhaskar’s car. Aji testified that Balu’s was an accidental death.

Meanwhile, Balabhaskar’s driver Arjun had approached the court a few days back seeking Rs 1 crore in compensation. The petition alleges that the child was driving the car at the time of the accident.

The crime branch has found that it was not Balabhaskar who drove the car at the time of the accident. Meanwhile, the CBI has taken over the investigation of the case.

Balabhaskar ‘s friends are still absconding in the gold smuggling case where 25 people are still facing charges, but all but two have been released, prompting action to declare the accused as fugitives.

The DRI found that 700 kg of gold had been smuggled into Kerala. The CBI team probing Balabhaskar’s death will also probe the gold smuggling deal.

It was the largest gold hunt in Kerala before the consulate gold smuggling. Nine people, including the superintendent of customs and two friends of Balabhaskar, were arrested that day.

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