Complete Preparation To Surround Pakistan On Nagrota: MEA

Complete preparation to surround Pakistan on Nagrota, Shringla takes command, summons ambassadors and informs.

After demolishing the motives of the terrorists in Nagrota, Complete preparation has now started, India is campaigning to bring the role of Pakistan to the whole world in the entire episode.

The evidence left by the terrorists killed in Nagrota attack and the evidence recovered by the Indian intelligence agencies is being brought before all the countries of the world.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla himself has taken command of this effort.

Shringla informed the ambassadors of Russia, America, Britain and France

He on Monday provided information about the conspiracy of Nagrota attack to the Ambassadors based in New Delhi of four permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

The Ambassador of China was not included in this briefing.

India is giving all information to Nagrota attack plot to other countries

Sources in the Ministry of External Affairs said that negotiations with foreign missions have been largely limited to the Covid epidemic in recent times.

But given the sensitivity of the Nagrota attack conspiracy, India shared all this information with other countries.

Due to Covid, briefings are being given to foreign diplomats in small groups.

India is providing information related to Nagrota attack plot

The Foreign Secretary has given briefings to diplomats from the United States, Russia, Britain and France, while other secretaries are providing information about this to diplomats in their region.

The effort is to share as much information as possible with the international community.

India is providing every little big information related to the plot of the Nagrota attack, such as how the terrorists entered Kashmir, how they had weapons, and how they had contacts with Pakistan.

The terrorists killed in Nagrota attack belonged to Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish.

Complete Preparation to corner Pakistan on international forums India is also telling how the weapons and other equipment that the local police and intelligence agencies have captured.

These weapons were used by slain terrorists who had relations with the Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The preparations for the slain terrorists were to carry out a major terrorist attack in India.

According to the above sources, the complete preparation of the slain terrorists was to carry out a major terrorist attack in India like the Pulwama attack in February 2019.

Due to this attack, the terrorists wanted to destroy the democratic process going on in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and also wanted to give a message on the anniversary of the 2008 Mumbai attack.

Briefing given to Ambassadors and High Commissioners of other countries

All the missions and ambassadors are also being told how the success of such a terrorist attack can have serious consequences.

And how Pakistan is retracting its promise to the international community and there is no way of promoting cross-border terrorism.

India summoned the acting High Commissioner of Pakistan and called it to the Ministry of External Affairs and also reprimanded Pakistan for being involved in this terrorist attack.

It is worth mentioning that last Thursday, Indian security forces killed four terrorists in Nagrota.

Where is Maulana Masood Azhar?

The way the highly trained four terrorists in Nagrota have been infiltrated by Pakistan, Indian intelligence agencies see the hand of Masood Azhar, the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Pakistan has kept a complete silence on where Masood Azhar is now.

Ever since Azhar has been declared an international terrorist by the United Nations, there has been no news of his discovery in Pakistan.

Till then, there were reports in Pakistan’s media about its Bahawalpur mosque, but now no information about it is leaked anywhere.

It is believed that Azhar is working with his brother on the Pakistan Army’s city to prepare a new group of terrorists who attack in Kashmir.

Azhar’s importance can be understood from the fact that due to this, there is a threat of a ban on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on Pakistan, but still no action is being taken against him.

While Hafiz Saeed some other terrorists have been recently punished.

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