ChatGPT Is Helping In Writing Books, AI-Written E-Books Abound On The Internet

ChatGPT is helping in writing books, and AI-Written E-Books abound on the internet. Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot ChatGPT is in the headlines these days.

In the Internet world, different things are coming out regarding this new technology. ChatGPT ranges from generating human-like text to writing song lyrics and books.

Not only this, a lot of books written by artificial intelligence have come on the market. There is a flood of books written by ChatGPT in AI-Written E-Books on Amazon’s Kindle.

Name of ChatGPT as author and co-author in books.

Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot ChatGPT has been introduced only in November last year.

At the same time, the popularity of this modern technology grew so rapidly that by mid-February, ChatGPT’s name was featured as author and co-author on more than 200 books in Amazon’s Kindle store.

Common people are also becoming authors of books.

Where writing a book used to be only dreamed of, it is now being accomplished in a matter of hours with the help of ChatGPT. The latest example has come to the fore of an author named Brett Shikler.

Shikler had never dreamed that he could be an author. When he adopted this new technology after knowing the features of ChatGPT, the results were astonishing.

A simple salesman thought of writing a book and it was done with the help of ChatGPT. Shikler wrote a 30-page book in a matter of hours.

This book is written for children. Not only this, but Brett Schickler also offered the book written with the help of ChatGPT for sale through Amazon’s publishing unit.


ChatGPT is helping in writing books: New technology is becoming a matter of concern for writers.

According to tech expert Shubhankar Marwade, this technology can also emerge as a challenge for writers in the future. ChatGPT is also starting to become a concern for many writers.

They are afraid that the flood of AI-Written E-Books in the market may take away the work of old authors.

However, books prepared with the help of this technology can definitely raise doubts in terms of authenticity, because the basis of modern technology information is the Internet.

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