Union-State Food Ministers Meeting On Community Kitchen

Union-State Food Ministers

Union-State Food Ministers meeting on community kitchen today, Piyush Goyal will preside.

The Central Government has called a meeting of the State Food Ministers on Thursday to discuss the concept of the community kitchen.

Under this, food is to be arranged for the needy who do not get the benefit of the Public Distribution System (PDS), so that hunger and malnutrition can be fought.

Recently, the Supreme Court had directed the Center to formulate a food scheme for needy people.

Union-State Food Ministers meeting: The meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Piyush Goyal.

Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal will chair the meeting, according to an official statement.

He will discuss with the Food Ministers of all the States and Union Territories issues like the Adarsh ​​Community Kitchen Scheme as well as the status of implementation of One Nation One Ration Card, linking Aadhaar with ration card, linking PDS shops with the biometric system.

On November 21, the Food Secretary held a meeting with the Chief Secretaries and Food Secretaries of the State and discussed the Model Community Kitchen Scheme.

Supreme Court directive-

Last week, the Supreme Court, while worrying about the food hunger of the people, asked the central government to formulate a model policy regarding community kitchens.

The court asked the central government to hold a meeting with the states on this and have directed all the states to participate in the meeting called by the Centre.

The court said that people are dying of hunger. Our concern is about the hunger of the last person in society.

The court asked the central government to make a plan and mark the area. Where there is hunger, the scheme should be implemented on a priority basis.

Expressing dissatisfaction and displeasure over the affidavit filed by the central government in this regard, the court had asked the government to prepare a plan in three weeks.

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