Ukraine Has Blocked 76 Foreign Ships From 18 Countries

Ukraine has blocked 76 foreign ships from 18 countries at its seven ports; Russian Defense Ministry claims- Russia Ukraine Conflict.

More than 70 foreign ships are currently stationed at seven Ukrainian ports. Due to the continuous bombing, it is difficult to get out of the ships from here.

This information was given by Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of Russia’s National Defense Control Center.

More than 70 foreign ships are unable to leave Ukraine’s ports due to the threat of bombing in the midst of a war between Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine has blocked 76 ships from 18 countries at seven ports.

Migintsev is also overseeing the Humanitarian Response Coordination Headquarters in Russia.

In a briefing, the colonel general told that a total of 76 foreign ships from 18 countries are stuck in seven Ukrainian ports – Kherson, Mykolaiv, Chernomersk, Ochakov, Odesa, Yuzhny, and Mariupol.

He said, ’76 foreign ships from 18 countries are staying at the ports of Ukraine. These ships did not return from the port due to the threat of bombing by Kyiv in its waters.

Earlier this month, he said more than 60 ships were stuck at the Ukrainian port.

Migintsev also said that the Russian army is giving way every day for a safe evacuation from Ukrainian waters.

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