The Teaser Of The Movie ‘Ranchod’ Released

The teaser of the movie ‘Ranchod’ released, the pair of Naseeruddin Shah and Adhyayan Suman will be seen for the first time.

Veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah and actor Adhyayan Suman will soon be seen sharing the screen together. The teaser of Naseeruddin and Adhyayan’s film ‘Ranchod’ has been released recently.

Naseeruddin Shah’s voice in the teaser is giving people goosebumps. The shooting of this film is going to start soon and seeing the teaser, the curiosity of the audience to watch this film will increase even more.

The story of the film is about a talented young man ‘Ranchhod’ and his great ambitions. who embarks on an emotional and ups and downs journey to save his family from debt.

Talking about the film, Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah says, “Ranchhod is an interesting story and ever since I read the first scene of the script, my interest in the film increased.

The film focuses on adventure and drama with a family angle, which will pique your curiosity to watch it.

It is very interesting to work with Balraj Irani and Bukelia Entertainments and to see young and new talents like Adhyayan and Shernawaz working together. I am eagerly waiting for its launch.

The teaser of the movie ‘Ranchod’ released: Rahul is also extremely dynamic and carries a unique approach in himself.

The ease with which he has expressed emotions is amazing. All this will definitely help the audience to stay connected with the film till the end.

At the same time, Adhyayan Suman says, ‘There is a film in the life of every actor, which changes his career. Ranchhod is the film of my life.

This is a great film written by my debutant director Rahul. It is every actor’s dream to work with Naseer Sahab as a co-star.

I consider myself extremely lucky for this. I am eagerly waiting to start my film with Naseer Sahab.

It is worth noting that ‘Ranchod’ is being produced under the banner of Bukelia Entertainments Pvt Ltd and Majestic Entertainment.

The film stars Naseeruddin Shah, Adhyayan Suman, and Shernawaz Jijina as lead actors.

Balraj Irani and Abhishek Bukelia are the producers of the film and the film is directed and written by Rahul S. Are indebted.

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