Karnataka High Court Gave An Important Judgment

Karnataka High Court gave an important judgment, saying- SC-ST Act will be applicable only if there is misbehavior in a public place.

The Karnataka High Court has said that the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act will apply only if there is misconduct in a public place.

While quashing a pending case, the court said that the complainant had alleged that in the basement of the building, he was uttered casteist words. During this his colleagues were present.

On this, the court said that the basement is not a public place and other reasons are also present in this case. There is a strong possibility that the accused is being targeted.

Justice M Nagaprasanna of the Karnataka High Court has said in this important judgment that two facts have emerged from the statements.

First that the basement was not a public place and secondly only those who are co-workers of the complainant are claiming this incident.

One of these persons had a dispute with the accused Ritesh Pias regarding the construction and he had taken a stay against the construction work.

The court said that there are many other reasons also involved in the case, so there is a strong possibility that the complainant, taking recourse to his employee, is trying to target the accused.

There was also a dispute between the accused and the complainant.

The case was registered after the 2020 incident. It was told that the complainant Mohan, Bhavan Swami Jayakumar R Nair is a colleague.

Here Nair had a dispute with Ritesh regarding construction. When the matter escalated, he took a stay against the construction work.

It was alleged that during the construction of the building, Ritesh had said casteist words to Mohan.

The victim and her co-workers were present at that time. The building owner Jayakumar R Nair had given the work on contract.

Will Karnataka be divided into 2 states after the Lok Sabha elections in 2024? Minister Umesh Katti claimed.

A Karnataka minister has said that after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the number of states in the country will increase to 50 and North Karnataka will be among the new states.

Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Minister Umesh Katti told reporters here, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to create 50 states in the country after the 2024 elections.”

I have come to know that he is considering it.

He said that the idea of ​​bifurcating the state is good as the burden on the population has increased in the last few years. Supporting the idea of ​​the formation of 50 states in view of the increase in population.

Katti said, “Two states from Karnataka, one from Uttar Pradesh”. Four, three from Maharashtra and other similar states should be formed.”

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