IFFCO Will Sell The Old Stock Of Non-Urea Fertilizer

IFFCO will sell

IFFCO will sell the old stock of non-urea fertilizer at an old price only. Cooperative Union IFFCO has given clarification after reports of an increase in prices of non-urea fertilizers.

IFFCO clarified that it has kept an old stock of 11.26 lakh tonnes of fertilizers. This stock will continue to be sold at an earlier price. The new prices of fertilizers in the market are not for sale to farmers.

Urea is followed by dye ammonium phosphate (DAP), the highest-selling country in India. The retail prices of non-urea fertilizers like DAP, MOP, and NPK are set by the companies.

The central government gives them a fixed subsidy every year. Some private fertilizer companies have decided to increase the price of non-urea fertilizers due to rising raw material prices globally.

On the prices, the IFFCO spokesperson clarified the situation and said, “IFFCO will continue to sell old stock. Their price will also remain the same.

Newly priced bags are currently shipped from plants for storage. After the end of old stock, when their time of sale comes, their prices will probably come down.

Currently, the estimated prices have been printed based on the current cost of raw materials. ” IFFCO spokesperson said that there is a widespread discussion with international raw material suppliers to reduce prices.

Every effort is being made to reduce prices in the interest of farmers. On the price, IFFCO CEO and MD US Awasthi tweeted, ‘We strongly object to the news and tweets in which the price hike is being linked to a party or government.

Companies have control over prices. They have no relation with the government or any party. ‘ He said that IFFCO is a manufacturing unit.

Here the cost is to print on the bag to dispatch the new material. This is only the estimated cost.

Awasthi said that the old stock is available in sufficient quantity at present. A decision will be taken in the interest of farmers in the future also.

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