Form An Inclusive Government: Russia Said To The Taliban

Form an inclusive government: Russia to the Taliban. Russia showed the mirror to the Taliban, said – form an inclusive government in which everyone is represented.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has shown the right mirror to the Taliban. Russia has asked the Taliban to form an inclusive government as soon as possible.

All the people should be represented in it. Whatever promises have been made to the public, fulfill them.

He also said that Russia is working closely with the US, China, and Pakistan to stop terrorism in Afghanistan, fulfill the promises made to an inclusive government and people.

The Russian foreign minister has said that the Taliban must respect the rights of women and girls.

Let the Taliban fulfill what they have publicly said. He also criticized America’s hasty decision to leave Afghanistan.

Russia’s tough stance comes after the Taliban said that Pakistan and the rest of the world have no right to ask the Islamic Emirate to form an “inclusive” government in Afghanistan.

It is known that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan recently said that an inclusive government should be formed in Afghanistan. America is also insisting on the same thing again and again with the Taliban.

According to a recent report by the news agency, Taliban spokesman and Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid had said that Pakistan or any other country has no right to ask the Islamic Emirate to form an ‘inclusive’ government in Afghanistan.

Not only this, but another Taliban leader Mohammad Mobin also told Pakistan that the Taliban does not give the right to ask any country to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

Four Pakistani soldiers were killed, two injured in an attack by Baloch rebels, protest against Pakistan outside UNHRC.

Pakistan, which harbors terrorists, has once again had to bear the brunt of its actions.

At least four security personnel were killed and two others injured in an explosion targeting Pakistani paramilitary forces in the country’s restive Balochistan province, an official said.

According to the news agency, the banned Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for this attack.

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