Election Commission: Thousands Of Crores In Cash Seized

Election Commission: Thousands Of Crores In Cash Seized. Election Commission strikes money power, for the first time in elections, thousands of crores of cash and goods seized.

This time the Election Commission has got a big success in stopping the effects of increasing money power in the elections.

In the assembly elections of five states including Bengal, the Commission has so far confiscated more than one thousand crores ‘goods’ which were brought to the voters for distribution.

These alone also include cash of about Rs 344 crores. This is the largest amount ever caught in elections. However, this is likely to increase further, as there are still several phases of elections to be held.

According to the Election Commission, this success has been achieved due to the strict supervision of special observers and general observers deployed to monitor the election expenditure to prevent the use of money power in the assembly elections.

During this period, the highest value of goods including cash has been seized from Tamil Nadu, which is around 446 crores. These include cash worth Rs 236 crore and jewelery worth 176 crores.

West Bengal has been second in this race. Where so far, goods and cash worth more than three hundred crores have been confiscated.

Of these, drugs worth more than 118 crores are the only ones, while about 51 crore cash, 30 crore liquor, and 88 crore rupees gifts have also been seized.

The Election Commission has released details of the seized material and its prices so far in the five state assembly elections.

Of these, a total of about 122 crores from Assam, a total of about 300 crores from West Bengal, a total of about 446 crores from Tamil Nadu, a total of about 85 crores from Kerala, and a total of about 36 crores from Puducherry and a total of about 11 crores from the by-elections in other states.

The goods have been seized. They also include cash. According to the Election Commission, only about 225 crore rupees including cash were seized in the assembly elections held in all these five states including West Bengal in the year 2016.

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