Arvind Kejriwal Extended Lockdown For Another Week

Arvind Kejriwal Extended Lockdown for another week. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal extended lockdown for another week in Delhi, now to open on May 31.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday again announced to extend the lockdown for another week. Now this lockdown will open at 5 am on 31 May.

The lockdown was earlier announced until May 24. In this way, this lockdown was opening yesterday i.e. on Monday, May 24, now it has been extended for another week till May 31 at 5 am.

The lockdown is ending at five o’clock on Monday morning. During a digital press conference on Sunday, he said that the lockdown was being extended for a week.

It will continue till May 31 at five in the morning. If we do not do this, then all our hard work will be destroyed. Because the cases of corona have decreased. But the danger is not yet averted.

The complete lockdown was implemented in Delhi on April 20. He said that before the lockdown was imposed, the situation in Delhi was very bad.

Even after the lockdown was imposed, the wave of Carona was very dangerous, but now weakening. The transition rate has now come to 2.5 percent.

He said that we decide on Sundays every week whether the lockdown should increase or not. This decision is being taken on the public opinion of Delhi.

If the cases go down, we will start the process of unlocking from May 31. Some things will be gradually relaxed.

Now the third wave is being talked about. Our priority now is to apply the vaccine to everyone. We are also talking to foreign companies.

We are willing to buy the vaccine for as much money as we want. We want to vaccinate our Delhiites. On the other hand, we are also making preparations in our hospitals.

Delhi Weather ALERT! Dust in many areas of Delhi-NCR, lack of visibility causes problems for people.

The effects of the storm and western disturbances may have ended, but the heat of summer in Delhi is still soft. Dust was observed in many areas of the capital Delhi on Sunday morning.

Due to this, visibility has decreased in many places including Akshardham, DND. At the same time, dust gusts were also seen in Rewari.

On waking up in the morning, people once felt as if the mist was covered, but it was a sheet of deep dust. This dust will pose a crisis for asthmatic patients. In such a situation, patients have the advantage of staying indoors.

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